Sunday, October 18, 2009

gilaaaa btul!!

guess wat happen yesterday?!
i slept at 6.30 am!!!
seriously....x tido pown mlm tue
just take a long nap bout 3 hours dat evening!!
wat i wanna say is...
it's SUICIDE man!!!!
i did't do much anyway

just watch the Japanese drama H2
soo....kawaii ne!!
overall: besh!
but cannot be compare to propasal daisakusen
pro dai is the besh soo far!!
love yamapi in dat drama

i've got dis cool song from the
yamapi was in it (daaa....)
but the song really somethin!
i listen to it for the past few days now...
but i dunno the name of the song..
later laaa carik


better focus on my final exam!
it's the final Battle!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


bout 6 somethin, the ground was shakin
i tot dat it was just me
put so much pressured while writin on the desk
but it wasn't
it was indeed an earthquake!
i was in the libry
tot dat i wan to stay here till 9
but since dat incident everybody was force
to leave the libry and go home

later i watch the news
the earthquake was recorded 7.6
and it has affected many countries around the world
includin Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, America, India
and many more (i guess ",)
well in a way~~~
it was all an new experience for me
my life is almost completed
cuz one of my dream is to experience the earthquake (plek!!)

still, i would definitely won't forget bout dis day!
alhamdulillah la x jadik pe2

Friday, September 4, 2009

i was actually stunt!!

thax to all of my classmates
especially to my housemates!!!
me luv you guys...
thax for the gifts!
i'm so gonna wear it like next week to school
cuz it so cool dat u guys beli yg the hoody thingy~~~~
i really appreciate dat a lot!!
a pic of my bufday kek~~~kawaii (yamapi?! LOL)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

cabaran + dugaan

it's bulan ramadhan everyone!!!
so heppy cuz everything is ibadat~~~~
well let's skip to the main thing
u know wat happen?
the day be4 posa, i lost my precious things:
1) IC
2) student ID card
3) bank card
and plus, my 30 ringgit cash!!!
and all happen went me n my family
we went for shooping dat weekend
and we went to pray (maghrib)

i swear my bag was always wif me
all day long....
dat night was also a bad night for the whole family
my mom's car broke down>>>>cannot start at all
so we had to walked to the bus stop bout less than 500m laa...
still it was tiring day!!!
then, after the bus took us only at the front of our taman
we need to walked all the way to rumah
till me n mom sakit2 kaki (ouch!)
at dat time, i tot dat all my stuff were wif me (in the bag)

it was'nt long till i found out dat morning went i wanted to go n see doc.
it was missing!!!
i've search everywhere....
but no luck!
"ya Allah, byknye dugaan kau beri pada ku..."
it was the first day of posa
feeling tired n motionless,
me n mom gathered our strenght to go to clinic
fot hep B injection....
we went for several clinics (none of them got the injection)
then, we tried our luck on clinic infront of YAWATA
Alhamdullilah la....ade
but the doc wasn't there (2p.m br ada)

so we went to the police station for the report
it took us bout one n half hour for the report
there were less people there in the office
but the police took so much time to put the ayat2 for the report
hahahaha...kelakar la gak! :)
then it's raining heavily
dahla nek moto jer....
so we terpaksala>>>meredah the hujan!!!
it was very long afternoon
i pity mom cuz she had to go through all of dis cuz of my silly mistake!!
hmm...really it was full of cabaran + dugaan
but still i humbly accept them all
cuz i know someday~~~there would be a lucky day for me n my family
kete rosak: 21/08/09

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

no PaiN, No gAiN~~~

well first i just wanna keep it quite
tryin to be cool
relax and don't bother
bout wat people would say bout me
but then i just couldn't stand it anymore
people always complainin
who i believed "frens" always sayin
dis and dat!
"dinee, kau nie x hbs2 nk study!"

so wat?!
i'm not dat kind of person
who can remember everything (almost) like everybody else

i think i had a "short term memory loss" or something
i just couldn't memorised well like people do
and even though i always doin
a lot of questions....a lot of exercises
but still, i couldn't remember
wat was the question
and even though it was just yesterday
still, my memory just couldn't stand dat info
they just wanted to delete!

i just couldn't stand dat...
i makes me wanna cried
but why should i?
why should i cried over somethin
dat is good for me?
for my future?

i realised, i should not cared bout
wat people would said bout me
or looked at me
i know, i'm not dat pandai...
or pretty,
or good in watever thingy~~~
its me!!
if u wanna be frens wif me,
u should be able to understand dat
and accepted me for who i am
and wat I'm not

and well....
i managed to do dat,
after i did my oath on the other day (last post)
i couldn't care more less wat others would say
i just keep on goin
till i finally meet my dreams...
till i satisfies on wat i had

u know,
last four days ago
i force myself to do wat normal people
can't afford to do
i stay in the library till 4.45
got home and at 6.00 sharp
i was on my way to the study room on level one
crazy huh?!
and i stayed there till 11pm
tired....but satisfied!
same goes on for the next day

hopefully dis keep goin till the end of dis year!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

i'm ILL!!

today was a day like no other..
it was indeed a misserable day for me
i'm not feellin' well lately~~~~
i'm so tired,
i even waste most of my time sleepin in the class!!!

tryin to go to the library
tried to read or
maybe memorized some of the biology terms~~~
it didn't work out!!
i was so tired...
dat i made up my mind
to write dis on my blog...

the feelings were so super duper tired..
as well as dizzy sometimes...
yet dis doesn't makes me more sedey>>>>
as i watched my frens went to the
Newcastle Presentation TODAY!!!
the feeling of jealousy as well as sadness overwhelmed me
as they mentioned the name "Newcastle"!!!
so i didn't get the interview....
so wat???!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The real me~~~

I used to be the kind of girl dat so afraid to let it go
to let everybody know who I am
wat I'm capable of...
I used to be shy
not barve and always being bullied by other people
people always take advantage of my silence
scorne me wen they used me

but this time, not anymore!!!
I have a dream
a dream dat absolutely change me to a different person
becoming more brave,
more independent,
more~~~not shy
I am now able to speak out my voice
and sometimes people would listen to me

this is real!!
this is me!!
I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now
I'm gonna let myself shine
so dat people would noticed me
now, after I found out who I really am
there's no way to turn me back to my old days~~
I liked the new me!!
the new me rocks!!

before, I've always dreamed about a life
dat I'm the shining star
where I got everything dat I ever wanted
>>> good scores
love by everyone
great presenter
even though it seen too far away
for me to reach,
but wat I've gotta do is believe in myself
dat is the only way for me to keep dreamin'

Thursday, July 9, 2009

my oth!!

i will not....
alwayz go to the movie theater
>>> to watch movie!
and etc.
i will....
cut down my time on
playin' games,
anything bout internet
as well as friendster & YM!!
i would remind myself.....
dat dis is the last chance
to truly show wat u can do
to ur sis and bros
not to forget
pay everythin' dat my parents gave to me
(eventhough cannot be repay)
>>> their sacrifice to me are sooo priceless

i would definitely gave them happiness
which is my success
for becoming a surgeon (someday!!)

i would oth myself....
dat even though i study hard
but didn't achieved wat i've wanted
i will not make my stress to over whelmed me
i would rise above all my problems
and try to score as much as i could

i promised!!!!

first i tot of doing dis "promise" wif my fren just for the sake of the test which is just around the corner....
but then i tot,
why not till the end of this year?!
is a good thing to do wat?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

why do i wan to do medicine???

as i already told in my previous post
it was always my ambition since i was a small
to be a doctor....
but if u asked me why really?!

it is becuz i always fascinated by the greatest creation of God on humans
the systems...the cells, organs and everything
we are complex and yet the most beautiful creation from God
God create us wif different physical characteristics....
but in the inside all are the same

for instance,
the kidney functions as to remove all the waste products in our body
one more thing dat i totally adore is our blood circulatory system
the system helps to carries the oxygenated blood to the whole part of our body
so dat the cells can use the oxygen for metabolism reaction
which gives us energy to move, maintain the internal environment
as well as to synthesis macromolecules
so without the system
we would definately not alive in few minutes after we were born

for me,
medicine is tough!!!
but along the journey....
the corse actually teaches me bout the communication skills,
as well as relationships between the doctor n patients (crucial!!)
for a surgeon like wat i'm bout to be~~~experience is very important!!
i mean really

Saturday, June 27, 2009

just thinkin'....

wat do u think bout doctors?

well....most people would just say,
"they are able to help people"

as for me,
the thing is~~~
being a doctor is much harder than we thought
i remembered,
when i was about 8 or maybe 9
i play "doctor" wif my sis and bros...
my bros will be my patients..
and my sis is my nurse...
i'm the surgeon...

i even have the tools dat my dad bought me
there were pink colour as well as yellow...
of cos they were children playthings, da!!
those days were the best and>>>>
still fresh and crystal clear in my mind
it was always been my dream to become a doctor....
whenever frens asked me to do my "biodata"
in the "cita2"
i would definitely wrote

along the way through high school,
i seriously doubt dat i am able to reach dat ambition of mine
all bcuz of my academic
i did not performed very well
but however
after i've got my SPM
my heart telling me dat i can do it!!

in short

for me...
being a doctor is a gift from the god
to be able to cure people....
wif proper techniques
a good doctor must also have good relationship wif the patients
doctors actually help the patients
in giving them a second chance in their lives...
to live a normal life
as well as advices them for the sake of their health

in TMD (Team Medical Dragon) dat i recently watched...
one thing dat catches me is
if a patient came for help
as a DOCTOR we should help!!!
don't care bout who he/she is
or whether have money or not
or maybe he/she used to be our enamy
still they are patients!
and it is also a sin
if we didn't try to save them

dats wat i think bout doctors