Wednesday, September 30, 2009


bout 6 somethin, the ground was shakin
i tot dat it was just me
put so much pressured while writin on the desk
but it wasn't
it was indeed an earthquake!
i was in the libry
tot dat i wan to stay here till 9
but since dat incident everybody was force
to leave the libry and go home

later i watch the news
the earthquake was recorded 7.6
and it has affected many countries around the world
includin Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, America, India
and many more (i guess ",)
well in a way~~~
it was all an new experience for me
my life is almost completed
cuz one of my dream is to experience the earthquake (plek!!)

still, i would definitely won't forget bout dis day!
alhamdulillah la x jadik pe2

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