Tuesday, June 30, 2009

why do i wan to do medicine???

as i already told in my previous post
it was always my ambition since i was a small
to be a doctor....
but if u asked me why really?!

it is becuz i always fascinated by the greatest creation of God on humans
the systems...the cells, organs and everything
we are complex and yet the most beautiful creation from God
God create us wif different physical characteristics....
but in the inside all are the same

for instance,
the kidney functions as to remove all the waste products in our body
one more thing dat i totally adore is our blood circulatory system
the system helps to carries the oxygenated blood to the whole part of our body
so dat the cells can use the oxygen for metabolism reaction
which gives us energy to move, maintain the internal environment
as well as to synthesis macromolecules
so without the system
we would definately not alive in few minutes after we were born

for me,
medicine is tough!!!
but along the journey....
the corse actually teaches me bout the communication skills,
as well as relationships between the doctor n patients (crucial!!)
for a surgeon like wat i'm bout to be~~~experience is very important!!
i mean really

Saturday, June 27, 2009

just thinkin'....

wat do u think bout doctors?

well....most people would just say,
"they are able to help people"

as for me,
the thing is~~~
being a doctor is much harder than we thought
i remembered,
when i was about 8 or maybe 9
i play "doctor" wif my sis and bros...
my bros will be my patients..
and my sis is my nurse...
i'm the surgeon...

i even have the tools dat my dad bought me
there were pink colour as well as yellow...
of cos they were children playthings, da!!
those days were the best and>>>>
still fresh and crystal clear in my mind
it was always been my dream to become a doctor....
whenever frens asked me to do my "biodata"
in the "cita2"
i would definitely wrote

along the way through high school,
i seriously doubt dat i am able to reach dat ambition of mine
all bcuz of my academic
i did not performed very well
but however
after i've got my SPM
my heart telling me dat i can do it!!

in short

for me...
being a doctor is a gift from the god
to be able to cure people....
wif proper techniques
a good doctor must also have good relationship wif the patients
doctors actually help the patients
in giving them a second chance in their lives...
to live a normal life
as well as advices them for the sake of their health

in TMD (Team Medical Dragon) dat i recently watched...
one thing dat catches me is
if a patient came for help
as a DOCTOR we should help!!!
don't care bout who he/she is
or whether have money or not
or maybe he/she used to be our enamy
still they are patients!
and it is also a sin
if we didn't try to save them

dats wat i think bout doctors