Saturday, July 7, 2012

everything happen has its own meaning

well guys i'm back!!
hahaha...i know it have been such a long time i haven't post anything
dah 2 tahun kowt! its not dat im busy or somethin, it just dat xtao nk write per?!!
neway now im already in my 3rd year of MBBS in Manipal India
and i'll be returning to MALAYSIA for bout one month from now
i'll be continuing my studies at Melaka..hopefully~

ok lets talk bout my 3rd year dkt manipal
im not sure how to describe it but its like heaven!!
stadi mcm mengarut...tito byk giler...mkn byk!
basically...mmg xbwt paper
just posting, see patient see doctor, dats it!!
i just finished my medicine posting
oso paediatric, OBG n i'm in psychiatric posting
trust me among those posting, paling horror is medicine!

its not dat i hate medicine, it just dat i have a bad memory of it
joom story2~~
mase tue aku kene present case and it was monday morning..
the case was patient wif malaria..
so me n my "ceprone" do some history taking n did some abdominal examination
at dat time i was a bit blurry wif abd exmination and jumpe patient wif manual book in my hands
....hahha *i think i look silly dat time*
tp xpe la sbb aku nk blaja, and doc pom just skt2 la aja how to palpate n stuff
so we did...n yg sshnyer is dat the patient mmg xphm english
so the history taking was a bit long n examination bwt mcm2 tue je laa

so time presenting the case, mmg byk la salah
plus the doc was dr. SEEMA a.k.a the scariest, most cruel doc in medicine postg
she is like,the walking devil...jahat pulak aku describe
but seresly she's...i'm not sure if she even have a heart *thinking*
mse present tue aku terime je la wat she say..cuz i really wanted to learn
but the story doesn't end here...

later dat friday, i have presentation on chest pain
and i did my slides, i muggup a bit
i did prepare mentally n physically for dat presentation
cuz the last presentation bout breathlessness, my fren kena teruk giler2 laa...
and she's really tak puas hati at their presentation!
i'm the first who present bout chest pain topic
slide first pom die xpuas hati...n she didn't ask me y..
she ask the audience " are u agree wif her?" xpe la....aku ok lg time tue n ade la kene byk jugak
and she keep asking me "is dis ur slide?" of cos la my slide, aku yg taip sume kot....
tp yg aku xpuas hati, time when she ask me to explain types of pain for each diseases
so i said " it will be on my next slide in table form"
but she said " i wan u to explain now"
so i said " ok i'll moving to next slide"
then she said " no i wan u to explain it now without moving to the slide"
i paused...n explained bit cuz i just dun remember i was tachycardia dat time
biasa la anxiety makes ppl to forget things..simple things
then she ckp dis ur slide?, theres something wrong wif u n ur presentation...blabla..
and i dun remember wat she's sayin cuz it was too horrible!
then about 20mints later i finished my part..lame sbb die byk bebel

lps abs presentation sume, doc tue dah blah, i dunno y, i cried!!
menagis dgn dasyat giler!! sampai bengkak mate taw x?!
n most of my frens said dat aku mmg kene trok...n she was really mean!
on the way balik, i cried on bus, after sampai rumah pom i cried...
and after bace Al-Quran, i feel better...i did some thinkin bout wat had happen
i think dat maybe Allah put me in dis situation for several things:
no1 He wants me to remember Him
no2 He wanted me to get prepared  
no3 its because He love me
so after dis if some crazy doc do the same thing to me, i won't cry!
bcuz im a strong girl now!

so the moral of the story:
dun ever think dat everything dat had happen to u is the end of the world...
and no one is there to help u...
if u think dat u're in deep shit of trouble, or u think ppl hate u bcuz u're stupid,
please pause for a sec, try to think rationally
and dun forget!! bace Al-Quran...believe me it makes u feel better! ^^
sesungguhnya, setiap perkara itu ada hikmah disebaliknya...

Friday, February 5, 2010

mee-cha-suh!! takot!!

aku ngan mak aku tgk laaa k-drama nie*sassy girl*
that time was 12 pm till my brothers asked my mom g anta dorang men futsal at a center not far from our taman
so the 5 of us including me, mom, my two bros and makcik*small sis* anta la dorang nek kete...nothing much to do dat day*saje nk itut*
then ble sampai jer,
there were no human beings at the center! we were suprised, geram pown ada
ade ke plak?! nk ajak org men tp kol x dpt...sah2 x de sape g nyer!
BAKA! BABOYA! kalo x jadik tepon la org*my bro*
nie wat x taw jer...
so kitorang pown blik laa....mase 2 tgh dgr lagu 'rain'....korean nyer lagu..
layan satu family including my mom*no#1 fan!!*
then malang giler la mase tue...
just bout to trun left to my house nyer jln...
an accident had occured!
aku ketaq gila dah nie...kami terlanggar two boys
one was bout 15-16 years the other was his little bro bout darjah 5-6
mase langgar tue...adk die kat bwh kete*x nampak la..*
then my mom reversed and his big bro pulled him out from the front car
my mom and i was stunted!! x terkata apa2
tot dat boy was dead indeed...lucky, he was alive!!
then my mom check dat boy wherethe he has any broken bones or injuries
seb bek just a small scraches here and there*sigh*
aku kuar to check if anything goes wrong laa...tanya2 ok ke x
check our car...tanya pancit!
my mom peluk that boy after knowing dat he is ok
and gave them money for their injuries...
seb bek dorng okeh! kalo mati sorg...i was thinkin dat i killed an innocent life be4 me being a doctor! hahahha
mmg unlucky day for me and my family

Thursday, February 4, 2010

startin' my new chapter

dah lame x tls blog nie....hahhaha not dat i din't wanted 2
just dont have any ideas to write and to share funny stories dat i've been through
tapi kn..bru2 nie! *mula dah*
me n my cute family consist of 7 people went to Melaka
they were supporting me for my interview at Melaka-Manipal College
it was a long journey for the 7 of us coz we took the long route
gune jalan lame nk save budjet la konon
ble dah sampai kat seremban....we stayed at a masjid (location #unknown#)
sampai ble pown i dunno coz i was asleep at dat time in the proton saga car
>>>imagine 7 of us, himpit2 kat dlm kete tuew??!
neway..aku nk informed the college bout my tevew nie
kol la sa2 no.
told them my name is ..... and i would like 2 confirm bout my tevew tomorrow kat sorg kak nie
then die asked who called me for the tevew and when
then i told her kak Fairus...somethin2 sal die de mention* x remember*
then the kakak asked me my phone number
pas2 die ckp "nant kte confirm len psl tevew for HOSTEL kat sini.."
aku hairan....huh????! HOSTEL?
" for manipal college kat melaka"
last2 bru die ckp.." kami nie HOTEL SERI MALYSIA MELAKA"
aku hape lagi...wif my red face and * cannot be discribe at dat scence*
memang malu gilerr!!!
"owh, sorry salah number" trus hang up!
i've spend the last 30 minutes talking wif the wrong person
buang duit giler! not to mention malu nk mampuih!!
told my family bout dat...dorg gelak x maw2...
bkn slh aku gak la...dorg mase angkat phone 2 kene la introduce as "hotel seri malaysia melaka..buley saya bantu?"
br betol...nie angkat mcm umah org plak!
but my mistake too i didn't asked

but...really it was the most memalukan giler in my entire whole life
seb bek org tue x knl aku..kalo kenal aku...taubat aku malu!
moral of the story here>>>buwat step by step! :P

Sunday, October 18, 2009

gilaaaa btul!!

guess wat happen yesterday?!
i slept at 6.30 am!!!
seriously....x tido pown mlm tue
just take a long nap bout 3 hours dat evening!!
wat i wanna say is...
it's SUICIDE man!!!!
i did't do much anyway

just watch the Japanese drama H2
soo....kawaii ne!!
overall: besh!
but cannot be compare to propasal daisakusen
pro dai is the besh soo far!!
love yamapi in dat drama

i've got dis cool song from the
yamapi was in it (daaa....)
but the song really somethin!
i listen to it for the past few days now...
but i dunno the name of the song..
later laaa carik


better focus on my final exam!
it's the final Battle!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


bout 6 somethin, the ground was shakin
i tot dat it was just me
put so much pressured while writin on the desk
but it wasn't
it was indeed an earthquake!
i was in the libry
tot dat i wan to stay here till 9
but since dat incident everybody was force
to leave the libry and go home

later i watch the news
the earthquake was recorded 7.6
and it has affected many countries around the world
includin Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, America, India
and many more (i guess ",)
well in a way~~~
it was all an new experience for me
my life is almost completed
cuz one of my dream is to experience the earthquake (plek!!)

still, i would definitely won't forget bout dis day!
alhamdulillah la x jadik pe2