Sunday, October 18, 2009

gilaaaa btul!!

guess wat happen yesterday?!
i slept at 6.30 am!!!
seriously....x tido pown mlm tue
just take a long nap bout 3 hours dat evening!!
wat i wanna say is...
it's SUICIDE man!!!!
i did't do much anyway

just watch the Japanese drama H2
soo....kawaii ne!!
overall: besh!
but cannot be compare to propasal daisakusen
pro dai is the besh soo far!!
love yamapi in dat drama

i've got dis cool song from the
yamapi was in it (daaa....)
but the song really somethin!
i listen to it for the past few days now...
but i dunno the name of the song..
later laaa carik


better focus on my final exam!
it's the final Battle!