Friday, February 5, 2010

mee-cha-suh!! takot!!

aku ngan mak aku tgk laaa k-drama nie*sassy girl*
that time was 12 pm till my brothers asked my mom g anta dorang men futsal at a center not far from our taman
so the 5 of us including me, mom, my two bros and makcik*small sis* anta la dorang nek kete...nothing much to do dat day*saje nk itut*
then ble sampai jer,
there were no human beings at the center! we were suprised, geram pown ada
ade ke plak?! nk ajak org men tp kol x dpt...sah2 x de sape g nyer!
BAKA! BABOYA! kalo x jadik tepon la org*my bro*
nie wat x taw jer...
so kitorang pown blik laa....mase 2 tgh dgr lagu 'rain'....korean nyer lagu..
layan satu family including my mom*no#1 fan!!*
then malang giler la mase tue...
just bout to trun left to my house nyer jln...
an accident had occured!
aku ketaq gila dah nie...kami terlanggar two boys
one was bout 15-16 years the other was his little bro bout darjah 5-6
mase langgar tue...adk die kat bwh kete*x nampak la..*
then my mom reversed and his big bro pulled him out from the front car
my mom and i was stunted!! x terkata apa2
tot dat boy was dead indeed...lucky, he was alive!!
then my mom check dat boy wherethe he has any broken bones or injuries
seb bek just a small scraches here and there*sigh*
aku kuar to check if anything goes wrong laa...tanya2 ok ke x
check our car...tanya pancit!
my mom peluk that boy after knowing dat he is ok
and gave them money for their injuries...
seb bek dorng okeh! kalo mati sorg...i was thinkin dat i killed an innocent life be4 me being a doctor! hahahha
mmg unlucky day for me and my family

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