Thursday, February 4, 2010

startin' my new chapter

dah lame x tls blog nie....hahhaha not dat i din't wanted 2
just dont have any ideas to write and to share funny stories dat i've been through
tapi kn..bru2 nie! *mula dah*
me n my cute family consist of 7 people went to Melaka
they were supporting me for my interview at Melaka-Manipal College
it was a long journey for the 7 of us coz we took the long route
gune jalan lame nk save budjet la konon
ble dah sampai kat seremban....we stayed at a masjid (location #unknown#)
sampai ble pown i dunno coz i was asleep at dat time in the proton saga car
>>>imagine 7 of us, himpit2 kat dlm kete tuew??!
neway..aku nk informed the college bout my tevew nie
kol la sa2 no.
told them my name is ..... and i would like 2 confirm bout my tevew tomorrow kat sorg kak nie
then die asked who called me for the tevew and when
then i told her kak Fairus...somethin2 sal die de mention* x remember*
then the kakak asked me my phone number
pas2 die ckp "nant kte confirm len psl tevew for HOSTEL kat sini.."
aku hairan....huh????! HOSTEL?
" for manipal college kat melaka"
last2 bru die ckp.." kami nie HOTEL SERI MALYSIA MELAKA"
aku hape lagi...wif my red face and * cannot be discribe at dat scence*
memang malu gilerr!!!
"owh, sorry salah number" trus hang up!
i've spend the last 30 minutes talking wif the wrong person
buang duit giler! not to mention malu nk mampuih!!
told my family bout dat...dorg gelak x maw2...
bkn slh aku gak la...dorg mase angkat phone 2 kene la introduce as "hotel seri malaysia melaka..buley saya bantu?"
br betol...nie angkat mcm umah org plak!
but my mistake too i didn't asked

but...really it was the most memalukan giler in my entire whole life
seb bek org tue x knl aku..kalo kenal aku...taubat aku malu!
moral of the story here>>>buwat step by step! :P

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